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23465 Rock Haven Way, Suite 205
Dulles, Virginia 20166
Phone: (703) 996-0444
Fax: (703) 996-0449
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Property Manager Jack Heagen ext. 123
Portfolio Manager Pattie Gunter, CMCA ext. 126
Accounting Assistant Christina Franklin ext. 118
Accounts Receivable Clerk RC Castaneda ext. 120
Accounting Manager Maria Rymaruk ext. 122
Asset Manager and Principal David E. Gunter, CCIM
President and Principal Ginnie L. Castaneda,
(also a Certified Property Manager)
ext. 119


CGR Commercial Management Team

CGR Commercial Management looks after day to day operations of each property, focusing always on the impact decisions will have on each property today and for tomorrow. Prompt Customer Service and attention to each client is expected and required of our employees.

The field of Property Management is never boring or dull. Customer service, accounting knowledge, as well as problem solving skills prepare qualified individuals well, personally and professionally, for careers in property management. CGR Commercial Management welcome qualified individuals that enjoy solving problems daily, creating annual budgets, and possess excellent customer service skills to consider a career in property management. Interested individuals may submit resumes to:

CGR Commercial Management, LLC
23465 Rock Haven Way, Suite 205
Dulles, Virginia 20166
T: (703) 996-0444
F: (703) 996-0449